The Ruins Outside Lasette

The party managed to escape the stampeding killik and collapsing tunnels on the outskirts of Lasette. In the race out of the tunnels, they successfully recovered the seal of House Kajida from the Gray Cartel and emerged out of the tunnels into the partially caved in basement of a ruined building. There were various other low ruins and what appears to have been the base of a tower.

They made their way back to the town where Grimas and his friends have informed the constabulary that Gray Cartel members were murdered in cold blood. The constables warned the party that they would not be welcome in town for fear of reprisal from the Gray Cartel. Fortunately, Gelros had almost completed his preparations and the whole group made their way to the same ruins which contained the tunnel exit.

Gelros conducted his investigation of the ruins safely while the rest of the party fended off any wandering beasts or killik from the tunnel mouth. The Gray Cartel seemed to have fled the area and left the group in peace. Gelros successfully recovered several scrolls and document cases in a buried library which he explained would be of interest to House Kajida as they contained records of the inhabitants of the estate, including their lineages. Gelros was quite excited to discover that a couple of mages had once lived there and they were affiliated with the military research division of the old Altus empire. He speculated that they may have chosen to operate in Lasette due to the easy availability of raw materials from the mines, and may possibly have even overseen magical transportation of the products.

While they were camping out at the ruins, Gelros would give long lectures about the history of Altus. He speculated that the mages were in residence at Lasette during the great War of Mages, when Altus waged war against the mage state of Raza. Eventually, the sorcerers of Raza eradicated most of the mages of Altus and either destroyed or stole a large amount of magical knowledge. Gelros was hopeful that he would discover some hidden store of arcane lore of the time. After almost 2 weeks at the ruins, Gelros was ecstatic to stumble upon a previously hidden secret cache in the ruined tower which contained several magical recording tablets. Excited with his discovery he contacted House Kajida and later informed the party that they would be departing back to Tanar shortly. There were no further incidents of note, and they all made their way safely back to Tanar.

Back in Tanar, Gelros met with representatives of House Kajida and the Arcanum. They agreed to plan a joint expedition to fully explore the ruins in more detail and possibly discover more about the mages who once lived there. In the meantime, the magical tablets would be loaned to the Arcanum for study. Gelros was very enthusiastic and was also very thankful for the party’s aid during the pilot expedition. Gelros warned that future expeditions may become more dangerous if the Gray Cartel took an interest, and also the killik agitated by the earthquakes. He recommended that the party be engaged to aid in future expeditions, which was nominally agreed by the Arcanum and House Kajida. The party were paid 800 gold for their work, and bade farewell to Gelros as he stayed in the Arcanum to aid the study of the tablets and plan the next expedition.



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