Ahava Ehimet


A sullen, short-tempered young adventurer, never seen without his mask. Those who dared to ask him about it soon found themselves flat on the ground, his sword at their throats. It didn’t take long for the questions to stop.

Human Swordmage/Paladin of Sune
Chaotic Neutral
“You and me babe, how about it?”


The son of a famous duelist, it was apparent from an early age that Ahava had been blessed with almost preternaturally good looks. Daily drilling in bladework from his father meant he was soon easily defeating opponents almost twice his age.

Growing bored with his small-town life, Ahava decided to take his sword and seek his fortunes in the world. It wasn’t long before he made a name for himself, both for his skill at swordplay and the featureless white mask he wore during duels to protect his precious face from scars. His long chain of conquests extended to the bedchamber as well, as his irresistible pulchritude had women and men falling at his feet. The young man was careless with his affections, never sparing a thought for the trail of broken hearts he left behind.

On his way out from a liaison with a priestess in a temple of Sune, Ahava overheard a pair of acolytes talking about a great beauty from the faraway city of Tanar; Alia of the Noble House Fremen who had suitors from all over the world vying for her attentions. Flushed with hubris, Ahava swore that he would find this woman and make her his. (Un)luckily for him, Sune herself happened to be paying attention and decided it was time he learnt a lesson in the true meaning of love.

The goddess came to Ahava in a dream that night, telling him, “Young one, I have great plans in store for you. I will help you win this lady’s heart, but you’re going to do it on my terms. I hope you learn something from this experience”. Waking up next to his latest bedpartner, the swordsman found to his horror that his mask had become permanently attached, and he eventually came to the sinking realisation that it would stay that way until he fulfilled his oath.

Now, he has found his way to the sprawling city of Tanar, where he quickly finds that things aren’t as easy as he thought they would be. To the cityfolk, the “famous duelist” is merely another wandering sellsword from the countryside. Most take one look at his mask and shy away, assuming he is either a criminal or a madman. However, he has felt an unseen force that seems to guide his blade in battle, and he sometimes thinks he can hear the goddess speaking to him. Feeling somewhat bitter about his fate, he has joined up with the Adventurer’s Guild in the hopes of gaining some fame and wealth while he figures out just how exactly he is to go about getting Alia to fall in love with him.

Ahava Ehimet

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