Craig Hack

Half-Orc Ranger


Born at the wild frontiers, Craig was the subject of ridicule being a half-orc. Shunned by both parent races, he left to fend for himself in the wilderness at a young age. This way of life has honed and sculpted his senses to that of the ranger he is today. Unlike most rangers who prefer light blades, Craig utilizes his racial trait and dual-wields bastard swords.

Well-aware that his kind is not readily accepted into civilized societies, Craig remained an enigma, constantly maintaining a low-profile to the extent that people tend to forget that he even existed. Eventually he ended up in the darker alleys of Th’mall seeking adventure by selling his services as a hunter/mercenary.

While returning from a menial critter extermination task at noon, he felt an eerie presence that had been following him through the woods and into the city. He tried to locate this being but to no avail. Luring the being into a long back alley, Craig drew both his swords and prepared for combat.

“Stand down boy…” a deep and almost reptilian voice echoed through the backalley. Black “smoke” started to fill up the area, and the alley was shrouded in complete darkness despite the sun still high overhead. Craig lashed out at the source of the voice but all he heard was the sound of cold steel on solid rock. This darkness was unnatural, he could see himself but everything else, the ground, the walls was a pitch black.

“A fiesty one I see… , I have a business proposition for you. A simple task, confirm the location of a particular beast and to make things easier for you, it was rumored to be in Coren. A suitable reward for the completion of this task.” said the voice.

“And what makes you think I’ll accept this request?” Craig asked, still standing ground ready to strike at anything that moves IF he can see anything that is.

“I’m confidant you will. Can your curiosity and lust for adventure stop you from catching a glimpse of a living engine of death and destruction created by a primordial race for use as a weapon against the gods?” taunted the voice.

“It can’t be… THAT abomination of a beast?” Craig was visibly surprised and euphoric at the same time. It is a once in a lifetime experience that every adventurer dream or dread of an encounter with the beast of legends. Something that would be passed down in the history books.

“From your expression I’m assuming you accept this task. When it is done I’ll find you.” the voice faded and the darkness was lifted before Craig could even speak up.

Several days later, Craig found himself in the city of Tanar. He made his way to the adventurer’s guild, his ticket to Coren.

Craig Hack

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