Dragonborn Euphoric Ardent

“Much fear I sense in you, hmmm?”


Born and raised in the city state of Th’mall, Darhe’el is an Ardent whose psionic powers manifested in his early teens. Using his abilities to manipulate the fears of others, he was the cause of a lot of trouble in his neighborhood. That – together with his lack of a breath weapon – eventually caused him to be shunned by his own kin. Viewed with distrust and distaste wherever he went, he finally found a home in the darker districts of Th’mall.

Darhe’el had since become a member of the local chapter of the Thieves’ Guild. He was a part of one of the Guild’s more successful task teams, “retrieving” all types of artifacts for the Guild’s clients, and developing a reputation. However, things recently took a turn for the worse. The team’s actions had attracted powerful enemies, and they had now become the victims.

One by one, the team members were being murdered. First the rogue, then the fighter, then the warlock. Darhe’el was nearby when the warlock was attacked, and his senses were overcome by a very powerful otherworldy psionic mind. Knowing he would not survive the encounter, Darhe’el fled, leaving his teammate to his fate.

The only other team member who may still be alive is the team leader, a psion named Marcus. However, he left the team weeks before to explore Orien, and his current status is unknown.

Darhe’el knows that he will be the next victim, so he is searching for a way to get to Coren, hoping that the psionic hunter will not follow him across the sea. In the event that a showdown is imminent, the powerful magical relics scattered across Coren may just give him the edge he needs to defeat the murderous hunter. Darhe’el’s adventure begins as he steps onto the streets of the great city of Tanar.


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