Fara Teslov

Human Artificer Outcast


A tall human female, looks to be in her mid 20s. She has a wild and mischevious look on her face, and a shock of red hair. Her red hair is uncommon among the Tanari humans, and led to her earning the nickname “Fara the Red”. Usually dressed in canvas pants, shirt, and working apron with various pockets, straps, compartments, holders and other containers. She also usually wears a pair of artificer’s goggles on her head.


Fara Teslov is a prodigy. She is Tanari, and her father Harisel Teslov was a respected member of Tanar’s Guild of Artificers. He had travelled a lot as a young tinker and met Fara’s mother Anya, a caravan master’s daughter, while travelling. They eventually settled down back in Tanar, where Fara was born. Sadly, and passed away from illness when she was very young. Subsequently, she was raised by her father and other guildmembers until his untimely death in a power surge accident. Her father had created various constructs to entertain and care for the young Fara, and she had an affinity for constructs since a very young age.

Sometime later, she proved her immense skills with artifice, especially in the creation and control of constructs, and was admitted into the guild. Sometime during her studies, she encountered a young Soira Askew, another gifted artificer, and formed an intense rivalry. However, she never made many friends, choosing instead to focus on her work and surrounding herself with various artificial companions. Eventually, she decided she wanted to tackle the challenge of creating a sentient construct similar to the warforged. This was explicitly forbidden by the guild and arcanum, and also frowned upon in general. Her persistence in pursuing this path eventually led to her being cast out from the guild.

Now, Fara makes a living as a black market artificer. She continues to pursue her research into sentient living constructs, using her skills on the black market to fund her research.

Fara Teslov

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