Elf Rogue


Likes looking for work in the back alleys of Selis. Back alley work. If you know what I mean.


Despite the known dangers of living near a place so ominously named as “The Unknown”, Ka’da’s tribe was not to be blamed for bad parenting skills, for it was their homeland, and it had been for several centuries. The encroachment of civilisation, however had made great changes, as different forces and organisations rallied to tap the raw power of Coren, or to make a name for themselves by slaying the unnatural beasts lying in wait. Nevertheless, Ka’da’s tribe persevered in this difficult time, where unfamiliar faces were often hostile and armed with pointy objects. Setting up the tribe near an ancient ruin proved to be their downfall, as one day in Ka’da’s early childhood they were attacked by followers of Caern, and for all their cunning and skill the men and women were slaughtered by the ferocity of the warriors pleading to the Wild God, while the children were captured. The ruin was apparently a shrine dedicated to Merul, and ages past it had been destroyed to preserve the local flora and fauna. The followers of Caern were afraid that the outbreak of civilisation in the surroundings would once again resurrect this shrine and allow Merul’s power to increase once again, and so came by to desecrate it with sacrifices to Caern. And to eliminate witnesses, it was just unfortunate that Ka’da’s tribe was located nearby, ending up as collateral damage.

And thus, it was under such ironical circumstances that the advocates against civilisation massacred a tribe suffering from urbanisation, and Ka’da was captured with his sister, condemned as additional sacrifices. On the night of the sacrificial ceremony, the sacrifices originally brought by the followers were slain first, and Caern appeared to be satisfied. However, when the first elvish sacrifice was made, the ceremony went awry, and the followers began to sprout claw-like gashes from their bodies, one by one. Still, they continued to sacrifice the captured elven children, until one was bloodied to such a state that he collapsed in a critical state. Ka’da did not know then Caern was pissed, nor did he care; all that mattered was that it was an opportunity for him and his sister to escape, and without going into too many details about how he broke free of his bindings and confused his captors, he simply tore through the night, with his sister in one hand and a simple dagger in another.

Now, being bathed in blood, maiden in one hand and weapon in another would normally result in one being looked upon as a hero, but not when one is an elvish child with ragged clothes. Life after the incident was hard; Ka’da and his (still unnamed) sister had to beg for a living, occasionally taking on the odd labouring job, and moving from town to town to escape the cold and for better job prospects. When they arrived at Th’mall, Ka’da began being involved in the Thieves Guild, but only as a courier boy of sorts, delivering items of suspicious origins and performing actions that did not seem wrong by itself, but pertained to a larger and deeper plan that Ka’da did not have the privy to know; nor did he care, for all he wanted was a peaceful future with his sister. That wish was broken when one day a carriage stopped near the siblings, and a very pale and bald man with glass eyes came out and looked at Ka’da’s sister. He did not know what happened next, for the next thing he remembered was that he was alone in the streets, and his sister had vanished along with the carriage.

And so began Ka’da’s search for the pale man, taking on more and more shady jobs within the Guild in return for information on his sister. Although most leads had been false and no one claimed to know of a person fitting the descriptions, he found a clue one day when he was given “a diary of someone who once lived which you may be interested in” as payment. It was mostly useless information, although one paragraph noted that the author came into contact with an artifact that allowed one to trap another momentarily within the pockets of another dimension, effectively freezing someone else in time. With more research, Ka’da traced the origins of the artifact to Lake Yelta, and he was on his way when he bumped into a group of adventurers who seemed to be heading in the same direction and introduced themselves as part of an adventurers guild. And thus, taking it as an opportunity to gather more information and contacts, he agreed to follow them. . .

At the aftermath of the incident, however, and after some consultation with Dorrick about how Lake Yelta was like before industrialisation began, it appeared to be yet another false lead. And so, Ka’da’s journey towards finding his sister, the pale man, and a method against the artifact continues. . .


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