71-13 C1-13475

Level 2, Rageblood Barbarian


Created during the height of the Altus Empire, many artificers sought to replace their dwindling ranks with artificial golems that mimic the abilities of various classes. They succeeded in this task with the creation of the 71-13 Series of Warforges. However the 71-13 Series was never deployed on the field as the Altus Empire began to fall into ruin.

Warforge C1-13475 was a part of the C1 Series that focused on mimicking the unrivaled fury and power of the Barbarian clans. To tap into the power of nature often used by the barbarians, the C1 series were made using a mixture of clay, meteorite ore and infused with essences derived from multiple plants and animals. The body is then covered in runic letters that allow the unit to convert parts of his body into weapons.

However this alone was not enough to fully tap into the vast potentials of the barbarians. To simulate the rush of blood through the body and the emotions generated when a barbarian goes into their Rage, the C1 series where given a secondary steam engine and a diamond heart stone bound with a soul of a human. How the souls were gathered was never revealed to the public.

Unit C1-13475 was released into the world by his creators after the fall of Altus with the instructions to venture out a gain more information about the barbarians and be prepared to stand again for Altus if the need arises. This was not an easy task for C1-13475 was but a mere infant by human standards. His travels first brought him into the outskirts of the Daru region.

There he met a company of traveling Paladins, not knowing the difference between paladins and barbarians, C1-13475 attached himself to them and began to learn. The Order of the Missing Saints welcomed him with open arms and thought him the virtues of life and kindness and the power of justice as taught by Yost and Balan. From the paladins he got his human name “The Cheats” or TC for short and for a time he was happy.

After a few years with the paladins, TC began to have horrifying nightmares of a person he did not know in pain. The dreams felt so real that he brought it to the attention of the head paladin, Lady Sachiko Hilovsky, and asked for guidance. After days of deliberation, the head Paladin and her council decided that it was time for TC to meet the real barbarians. The idea was to utilize the power of nature to commune with the soul within TC’s heart stone and to do that he needed a real master.So TC left the paladins with a heavy heart to venture of to meet a clan recommended by the Paladins. The Dogs of War.

Upon arrival in Ruk, TC was attacked by an unknown gang of attackers just outside the clan’s village. With his strength TC disposed of them quickly but soon more joined the others against him. This Many-on-1 battle lasted for 5 days before all that was left was TC and what looked like to be the leader of the gang. But alas TC strength was at an end, so with his last once of strength he threw a punch just as his opponent threw one. As their fists connected with one another a sudden connection was forged by both parties. As they fell to the ground exhausted, the foe revealed herself to be Tabetha Hollering, leader of The Dogs of War. Tabetha invited TC to join here clan as she and her brethren were impressed by the strength and potential shown by TC, to which he gladly accepted.

To signify his initiation into the clan, TC had a rune in the form of the clan’s symbol shaped upon his chest. TC is now one of the lowest members in The Dogs of War honing his crafts as a barbarian an tapping into the unrivaled forces of nature in hopes to solve the mysteries behind his nightmares. As a low ranking clansmen one of his duties is to find a guild and learn about the ways of the world by working as a mercenary for hire. As like all low ranking clansmen, TC had Tabetha’s seal written upon his neck as ward against danger and as proof that he is a fit and able member of the Dogs of War.

TC is still learning to adjust to his new surroundings, as the Barbarians are much different to the Paladin’s he was use to. Many of their social etiquette still confuses him at times but he is still learning. TC’s first mission from the clan is to travel to the city of Tanar and meet with the clan’s contact in The Adventurers’ Guild of Tanar, Rakhan.

71-13 C1-13475

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