Campaign Starting Notes

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We’ll be starting in the great city of Tanar, and you should have your characters have some reason to come to the city and join the Adventurer’s Guild. The Guild at Tanar is affiliated to the Arcanum and organizes expeditions to the continent of Coren. You should probably also come up with some motivation for your character to want to go to Coren.

City of Spires, City of Guilds, The Free City
A neutral city situated in the ex-kingdom of Altus. Many guilds, countries, states, trade houses, noble houses etc. have embassies or holdings in the city. It has the largest airship port and teleportation hub on the continent, which makes it a centre of commerce and attracts many adventurers. The Adventurer’s Guild at Tanar is one of the few endorsed by an Arcanum and allowed to organize expeditions to the continent of Coren.

The Wild Continent, The Unknown, The Magic Zone, The Untamed Land
A wild and uncontrollable place of strong magic, strange occurences, unstable landscapes, unnatural geography and great adventure. It attracts adventurers due to the risks, and the potential for great reward. It has vast untapped resources and also a focus of research of the Arcana.

Campaign Starting Notes

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