The Twelve – Worshipped in Altus and most of its former vassal states
Sune – Goddess of Love and Jealousy, Art and Beauty
Indana – God of Exploration, Endurance and the open Sky, Father of Winds Patron Deity of Adventurers
Novis – Goddess of Death, Sleep and inescapable Fate, also known as the Raven Queen, and Queen of Dreams. Twin of Navis.
Navis – Goddess of Life, Harvest and unpredictable Change. Twin of Novis.
Caern – The Antlered God, The Horned Father, The Great Beast. God of the animals and wild places. God of the mountains and cold reaches.
Tierza – Goddess of Intellect, Knowledge and Curiosities.
Ehrim – God of Mysteries and the Unknown, God of the Dark and Deep Places, The Tunneler and Sea Weaver
Salas – Goddess of Travel, Trade and Music
Merul – Goddess of Agriculture and Civilization, also goddess of Food and Plenty
Haaza – God of Struggles and Heroic Feats, also God of War
Yost – God of Justice and Equality, God of Light and Sun
Herudin – God of Craft and Artifice, God of Freedom and Creativity

The Thirteenth
Vindir – Goddess of the Overlooked, Beggars, Orphans and Thieves

The Pentad – Gods worshipped in Daru and further south
Verrash – The Crimson King, God of Fire and Unbridled Emotion
Serul – The Ice Queen, Goddess of Water and Unfazed Intellect
Emer – The Green Man, God of Earth and Untamed Nature
Nuara – The Shrouded One, Goddess of the Void and Unchecked Ambition
Balan – The Sun Titan, God of Air and Unswerving Justice

Gods of Orien – The Major Spirits revered in Orien
Asata – The Great Spirit, Father and Mother of all living things
Mehana – The Humble Spirit, Spirit of inanimate objects and tools
Ushada – The Primordial Spirit, the fundamental Spirit of the elements of the world

The Twins – The Twin Gods of the barbarians of Ruk
Ruk’tal – The Creator
Mak’to – The Destroyer

Voltan Dar-Rosh – Hero of the people. Revered as the patron demigod of heroes in the Daru region.
Capan Borsa – Ancient Sorcerer King of Raza, once the most powerful mage of Raza, he disappeared in battle with a High Mage of the Arcanum. Many Razan mages believe he ascended to godhood that day after vanquishing his foe and revere him as a demigod and patron of the aracane arts and Raza in particular.


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