Chaotic Good
Beauty is more than skin deep. It issues from the core of one’s being and reveals one’s true face to the world, fair or foul. Believe in romance, as true love will win over all. Follow your heart to your true destination.

Also known as Lady Firehair and Halani Celanil by the eladrin, she is the mistress of all that is beautiful and thrives on the most tender of emotions. Many deities have become smitten with the goddess of love, but she remains aloof (though flirtatious), reserving her love for the mortals who revere her name. Her temples are monuments to the architectural arts, and her followers are asked to demonstrate love through an unselfish act everyday.


The domain of love includes friendship, romance, merriment and desire. Sune places particular emphasis on the passions of love and the changes it can create in the lives of people who thought their personal stories were set.

A deity of the skill domain values excellence and precision. Their followers often seek mastery of an art or proficiency, spending much time in pursuit of perfection.

Cleverness, deceit, illusion, stealth – these are the tools of deities who hold sway over the domain of trickery. Trickery can delight as well as devastate, and Sune encourages her followers to moderate one with the other as they pursue their destinies.


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