City of Spires, City of Guilds, The Free City

A neutral city situated in the ex-kingdom of Altus, lying on the north west coast of the continent of Alter along the banks of the River Tam, which opens to the Sea of Mare. Many guilds, countries, states, trade houses, noble houses etc. have embassies or holdings in the city. Tanar boasts the largest airship port and teleportation hub on the continent, making it a centre of commerce and adventure. The Adventurer’s Guild at Tanar is one of the few endorsed by an Arcanum and allowed to organize expeditions to the continent of Coren.

Tanar was divided into several large districts as it grew from its humble beginnings as a riverside trading post. The Tower District, so named for its many magnificent towers and spires, contains the embassies, merchant and guild houses as well as the offices of the ruling council. It is also popular for the nobility to maintain posh apartments in the Tower District. Some of the most amazing towers are remnants of an ancient culture that predates the city and even the trading post by many years. They were long since abandoned by the race that built them when Tanar was founded.

There are two main Trade Districts: the Old Trade District is located close to the river and is generally home to local and middle class trades, while the New Trade District is situated closer to the airship port and houses higher end trade houses and international offices. Low Town is situated close to the Old Trade District and houses the lower classes and less reputable guilds. Originally the name only referred to the ghetto that was an enclave for dwarven immigrants, but it eventually came to be applied to the entire area around the old trade district. Wanderer’s Row was originally just a row of popular inns which were haunts for adventurers and mercenaries, but now refers to the area bridging the old and new trade districts where many inns, lodging houses and adventuring companies are located.

The Wall District houses the keep, barracks and main watch offices. The University District houses the Arcanum, the Artificers Guild, and various other schools and ancillary services.

As Tanar is a neutral city and trade hub, it is home to many different races. Even very rare races can sometimes be spotted in Tanar. However, native Tanari population is mostly humans and dragonborn with a very large dwarven immigrant community.


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