Adler "Viper" Ru'ahh


A warforged with an uncharacteristically alluring figure and enchanting eyes. Her usual curt, military vocabulary sounds slightly bizarre when delivered in the seductive tones of her vocal generator, but that just serves to catch her opponents even more off-guard.

“Why yes, I do know the Duke. Well, I know what he likes..”


A sergeant in the Slyblades mercenary company, nicknamed “Viper” for her lightning-quick fighting style and ability to catch her opponents unawares. Rumor has it that she and her squad of hand-picked warriors once decimated an entire battalion in a single night without once raising an alarm.

Unfortunately, her incredible abilities made her a target of every rival mercenary group, who all wanted to either hire or murder her. Eventually, betrayed from within during a routine mission, Adler was taken captive by “Fruitloops” Wolowitz, leader of the company Bladed Theory.

Adler endured months of brutal torture at the hands of Wolowitz and his inquisitors, who took great pleasure in attempting to break her spirit. Finally, frustrated by Adler’s continued resistance, Wolowitz slit her throat in a fit of pique. The cruel sadist didn’t stop there; as Adler’s heart beat its last, he had his techmaturges extract and preserve her soul. He then ordered them to perform a forbidden, experimental technique: transfer Adler’s soul into the body of a mechanical pleasure doll, to be his slave for the rest of her days.

The experiment was a surprising success for the techmaturges, but they couldn’t have chosen a worse guinea pig: one of the most foremost fighters in the land, filled with a burning desire for retribution and given a new-forged mechanical physique. Three minutes after coming online, Adler was the only being left alive in the techmaturgy lab. Luckily for Wolowitz, the lab was in a remote location far from Bladed Theory’s headquarters.

Adler returned to the Slyblades, but it wasn’t long before the Iron Council got wind of her existence. The method of her creation was both a danger to their political agenda as well as a promising new avenue of research. They demanded she be handed over for safekeeping and study.

Rather than try to evade the powerful Iron Council, Adler instead struck a bargain. Now in their employ, she trains relentlessly to master her new body, hoping to one day cross paths with Wolowitz and Bladed Theory again. Though she retains disturbing memories of the pleasure doll’s service, Adler relishes her new body and its vastly increased effectiveness over her old fragile flesh.

Adler "Viper" Ru'ahh

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